• Born at Rodez (Aveyron) in 1959. Self-trained, painter since 2005.


meubles peints


the artist
A feast of colour! Hot, vivifying, intense colour.
A language of straight lines like structures, curved lines like rivers … Dominique Raynal signals to the spectator through strikingly geometrical, symbolic, colourful images.
Magnificent, dense, black motifs like embroidery, as taut as arrows against a yellow ochre ground. The handwritten title : O Halé ! O Halé ! Indian Removal Act refers to the 1930 act ordering the displacement of 60,000 American Indians that was vigorously promoted by United States president Andrew Jackson.
Coniston is treated like an Aboriginal painting. Swarms of dots arranged in bands of colour. The artist has stencilled the date 1928 on the canvas like the seal of truth. There, too, his message hits home. After the murder of a white man, the Australian police killed dozens of men, women and children on the Coniston ranch.
A red cross signals to us from a streaked, wounded black background. Neatly centred the bottom of the painting, the title - Hic - reads like a slogan.
Whether a militant or an artistic gesture, the demonstrative content of these works has the visual punch of posters.
Zaza is a more intimate canvas. It could be called "The pleasure of painting" because of a sensuality which brings it close to the lightness of Oriental calligraphy.
The artist's self-portrait is of a different stamp. Lyrical, brimming with humour, designed in the witty spirit of the Figuration libre movement.